Monday, May 24, 2010

The Rain and Pain

Stay mainly on the.....okay, so I was trying to make that rhyme but just couldn't make it happen.
Have you ever been driving around the countryside when you suddenly see a field full of cows all lying down? Most people don't know that they lay down in anticipation of rain. Don't bother asking me why, I am not an expert on cows! Having lived across the road from a field of cows for almost 7 years I was able to observe the many strange things that cows do. Have you ever seen a cow run? They do and it is hilarious to watch. People who would come to our house and witness a running cow always had the same reaction "I didn't know cows could run!", yeah they do! They are also very habitual animals, they go out into the fields the same time every day, retreat to the barn for regular milking and feeding times. They use the same paths and if some are lagging behind, one will stand at the gate and "call" the others. They love looking at the calves, which are usually kept in a separate area. And they gather in small groups as if having a "chat". 
Anyway, back to cows laying down in anticipation of rain, usually the day before it rains you'll see the cows lying down in the field. By now you're wondering what in the world does all this have to do with pain?? I can always predict the rain two days beforehand according to my pain levels. I wake up in the mornings with burning pain in my spine and joints, usually on a severe level. Take one look at The Weather Channel and...yup, it's going to rain.
These last couple of months with the amount of rain we have been having has been brutal for my pain levels. I feel good for a couple of days then like the black clouds in the distant of an approaching storm, boom, there's the pain. Of course on my good days I tend to do too much despite knowing that the pain levels will be worse. This is my life as I know it. So storm or no storm I keep trudging through.

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